Tuesday, April 23, 2013




This post is just to tell you a MEGA post is coming.....

IRA.....thoughts, more!

But I started implementing things RIGHT AWAY in my classroom since the International Reading Conference. Today was SUCH a great day! We had readers, writers and seriously, not ONE reluctant reader or writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW? you ask?

Give your students something meaningful to create. Let them know you CARE about THEM and their needs. They come with rich experiences and we need to draw on that to help them grow. Education is the great equalizer and they don't need another obstacle in the form of illiteracy or not being able to express themselves.

Have high expectations. Don't judge. Love your students.

A recipe for Creating ....

A Whole Bunch of Books
Giant Children by Brod Bagert
Endless supply of paper

Add everything together on the carpet. 
Mix well. 
Read a poem with expression and Enjoy!
(see results below!) 



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