Thursday, April 4, 2013

Choices, choices, choices.


So today was one of those days. We've finished testing for the STAAR. Yes, even though I am in second grade, we have to be quiet most of the day, (more than usual) and I tested 5th graders. Let me tell you sub plans on a testing day is really hard to do! But we survived!

Okay, so I'm planning my battle plan for the IRA conference and OMGOSH, y'all!!! I KNOW this is gonna be ONE HECK of a conference when I've got not one option, not 2 options, but over 6 options of places I really really want to go to!!!!


Have you ever sat down, started watching a game, it's getting good, and the power goes out?! Well, think of me sitting with my mammoth IRA 300+pages of goodness and sessions and I start reading about this one session....Giving Choice EVEN in Guided Reading! Wha?!?! Who'd have thought? So I'm reading this excerpt, ONLY to have my binder slide OFF my bed, and close with a loud THUD.

Now to find it again. I guess I'll do a search online, but it was RIGHT THERE.

Anyway, I digress. The point was, I hadn't even thought about choice in guided reading. I only thought about choice in centers. Other areas were unheard of. (at least for me!)

So springing off that wonderful idea, I decided to give my students choice on what topic they wanted to learn "Main Idea & Detail". Guess what?! They LOVED it!!! Their engagement was MUCH higher, they were completely excited and the choice was theirs! Granted, I DID give them a "mini-choice" but the ownership of the lesson definitely rose their level of focus through the roof!

Ahhh, I love a good day of fun loving learning, don't you?!

So try it! Give your students more choice and let me know how it went for you!!!

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