Classroom Pics

Random Pics of the classroom through the years and through the grades. There is no rhyme or reason to posting these other than just to give you a view inside the classroom. Which means, it may not actually be *neat* and *tidy*. So yeah, forgive the mess of my real life pics inside the classroom.

And my library. *sigh* May I just say, I may be the ONLY teacher in the universe who doesn't use tubs? Over 10 years of buying books, I don't have room for library tubs for my entire library. I do however, have some in tubs, but most of them are separated by genre, fiction/non-fiction, in a regular bookshelf. The important thing is that my students know where to put back a book and where to look for a book.

Will be updated sporadically, or when I find that lost jumpdrive.....

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