Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nurturing a Love of Learning


April is Poetry Month?

I think Poetry is for every day of the year!

But if you are looking for poetry your students will voraciously read like mine do then look no further!

Book Recommendation: "Giant Children" by Brod Bragert

Go get it. You haven't lived till you see your students LOVING composing their own poems about video games, dinosaurs, mom yelling and "tearing down doors"!!!

Oh dear, we are still having a GREAT time!!!! Even if your kiddos aren't finished, they LOVE sharing what they have "so far"! You could say we had a "Poetry Slam". My quiet girls are sassy, my sassy girls were gentle and my boys love BOOGERS!!!!

These kids inspire me everyday. And great authors or a new book is like food for the soul! I work with so many children with so many different needs, but what brings us together? Great books, conversations, and imagination. Don't tell yourself it's not possible. Well, okay, you can, but then you've got to throw a chankla at yourself. You MUST promise to TRY it at least! You WON'T regret it. And your students will be better because of it!

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