Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Sale


Am I the only teacher that is tight on money on Teacher Appreciation Week?

Even with the great sale going on, I had to choose only 3 things, and only spend $10. Ha! But I did and I'm happy with my purchases! I am also grateful for a great sale, even though I wish I could have spent more. But don't we all wish we can spend more?

The power of a click! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Other than that, I've bought enough clipart that I look at a product and think to myself, "I can make that myself." AND with specific needs to MY students. Yay!

Like shoes, do I really need them?

The answer is simple. No I really don't need them. I really need to save my money. Because bottom line, I want more BOOKS in my classroom. Good ol' reading. Pop up books. Picture books. Biography books. I want my students to have more books, a bigger classroom library and just more time for reading. I hope that I keep that in mind. It's not always about a great center and great clipart. I want my students to have a love of reading and become voracious readers and writers. They can only do that with great books.

I'm putting my money there.

***And don't you wish you had a site where someone who keeps up with current reading research, truly knows the READING, has looked at reading products they sell, and knows what works with students? I hate when I buy a product and I'm like, "This is LAME." Yeah. It's happened to me one too many times. So keep an eye out for Teach A La Carte's store soon to be coming out. Cheaper, professional who KNOWS research and out for helping teachers! I LOVE this chick!***

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