Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentines Day

Boy what a day.

Well, before I get into the nitty gritty, let me send this freebie out.

A Family Science Night Packet.

I just finished it this past weekend after our Family Science Night. What a blast we had! I hope you can use some activities in the packet for your classroom or to host your own FSN at your school.

But on with the real news. I can't believe how crazy it has been today. We had a party, SO MUCH candy and SO MUCH food. Again. But I was watching this video:

and I was laughing. Not exactly at the video but what came out of my mouth today! My kiddos don't really get junk food. In fact, they are lucky if they get food at all. Which is why I have to tell them to watch out or they will get sick FAST.

"Don't eat until you're full."
"If you start to feel sick, stop eating."
"If you think you are going to vomit, run out of the classroom or to the trash can." (we are an open campus)
student comes up to get a second helping of junk food (during the party) "Are you feeling sick?"
"are you sure?" (as I put one more serving)
"Well, after this plate, I will be."

Isn't it the best day to be a teacher? It's better than Christmas! So many gifts, and so many of them are flowers. From a neighbors yard, perhaps, but they are SO PROUD of their little gifts! How awesome is this day? My little students share, are extra kind and are so excited. But seriously, it's like a junk food buffet day. The aftermath has gotten better with the years. It's not so messy as my first year. My first year, it was like an icecream truck was taken by a tornado and landed in the middle of Dorito land.

yep. that was me.

I learn fast.

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Love your freebies! Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower! :)

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