Sunday, January 8, 2012

Confessions of a Teacher-holic!

Hi. My name is Christina. I teach Second Grade. My sisters and I have been lurking, stalking, printing, downloading the great stuff teacher bloggers have posted.

Reading their posts. About their ideas. Their joys. Their heartaches. And their Linky Parties.

I think it all started when I got into a funk. You know. the FUNK. I have always loved my students, but it was getting tiring not having a support group on my campus. (I had my sisters who were teachers, but you always need someone on your grade level, IMHO.)

You know, the people you meet at a reading conference? Those kind of people who share their ideas, talk about their great ideas and aren't threatened when you share your idea?

Yeah. That was me. My creative juice was getting empty. My ideas were starting to fade....I was seriously contemplating leaving and just starting my own Mexican Restaurant. I felt like the kid on the playground with no friends and playing with a blade of grass.

Then I figured, why not look on the web to see what is out there? I don't know what exactly brought me to which blog first, (if I had to bet money, it was The First Grade Parade). And when you find one, you have this never ending maze of fine teacher bloggers! It was a goldmind!! *Ahem-Mrs. Lemons from Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons)

Seriously, I have purchased from their TpT stores, and saved myself time and heartache. So many freebies, and for a fair price, so many choices.

So it got my creative juices going again. I couldn't work fast enough! I was excited, I was on a mission. I needed EVERYTHING. But wait, some stuff wasn't available, so....I made a couple myself. So why not Pay It Forward?

We plan to do just that.

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A happy hello to blogging. It's so wonderful to collaborate through blogs.

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