Tuesday, June 16, 2015

There and Back Again: A Hobbit Party


Our end of the year hobbit party was SUCH a SUCCESS! Below are some pics! We had read the Hobbit around the third six weeks and the students were excited for this party. We planned, came up with games, made vests and when it was all said and done, we left with great memories and a full tummy!

 We made our own hobbit vests. This was extremely hard to do, so next year I'm just having kids bring in an old green or yellow shirt to cut up. On the flipside, the students had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! It was so cool to see so many different hobbit vests! 

 One of the few things I splurged on were the hobbit sugar cookies. Used dipping chocolate to outline the hobbit doors but edible markers can work too! Since it was so last minute, I did find green and yellow sugar cookies at a local bakery. I just had to finish the cookies and make them look like hobbit doors.

 Several games we played were "Guess how much gold is in Erebor?" and students just guessed to see how many gold coins there were. Found these coins in a party store for $1. The bookends actually are from the limited edition of "The Desolation of Smaug" DVD collectors edition.
 The game of the rings is similar to that of baby showers and wedding showers. Each students gets a necklace with their "one ring". Anyone who says the word "Hobbit", another student can take away their "precious". Student with the most necklaces wins the game. (it goes on alllll day!) 

 Printed out hobbit pictures of Bilbo, Thorin and Gandalf. Taped to green and yellow cups. I also bought brown plates. Of course there was the marks at the bottom of some cups, plates and even chairs for prizes! 
 Using butcher paper, I had my brother draw Smaug. We played "Pin the black arrow on Smaug". HUGE HIT!!!

 Finished hobbit decor in classroom.

 As a teacher, of COURSE I dressed up as well. But honestly I need to purchase Sting and a hobbit looking backpack. 
 I kept the food simple but really Shire like. We had french bread pre-sliced, turkey and ham from a local deli and different cheeses. The students had NEVER had anything different than American cheese and kept saying, "I can eat this cheese ALL DAY!" Most were surprised how yummy the sandwiches were and wanted to replicate at home. 
 We did keep a Hobbit menu and eating schedule. We even had afternoon tea. Students loved it. I bought some fruit and pop tarts.

In the end, we sent them on their own adventure. I'm gonna miss this group! If you are interested in some of what I made, I'll be putting up a link in the future of just party stuff you can print. So keep an eye out and don't laugh at live dragons!

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