Sunday, May 26, 2013

Picasso & Poetry in Motion


So you know those days where you use glitter in the classroom? Those super FUN days where students say and yell and sing, "This is the BEST day of my Life!!!" and leave your room slightly as if a Tasmanian Devil went through your room?

Well that was my day on Friday.

Except with paint. And I plan to do it again tomorrow.

I love living life on the edge!

Well, you've got to admit, painting what you picture in your mind as you read poetry is somewhat soothing. If you are an adult. With kids, there tends to be squealing, roaming (or an "art walk" as the art is being made) but it's absolutely worth it.


As expected, we had paint spill everywhere.

Yeah. I had one student painting her pants.

Her PANTS, y'all!!!

I had another student pour water on her painting. I was in paint to my elbows, and every SINGLE one of my students has to point out every speck that is on me. And then try to take it off or scrape it off. It was still great. It's those days where I feel like Superman. Only a girl. Okay, that would be Superwoman, right? But let's be honest, I'm a bigger fan of She-Ra. But I digress!

So we've been reading more poetry from Brod Bragert. Dear Teacher, you NEED to sign up for this incredible freebie and treasure!

Let me tell you, there is nothing, NOTHING, better than having your students mesmerized by the written word and totally engaged and totally responding to it!!! I love grossing kids out, and I love the fact that they learn something new by the grossing out. And I completely love the fact that they want to write about something grosser after that! So if you want more of the fun below, sign up here. Painting and making a delicious mess is totally optional.

The Cookie Journey
by Brod Bagert

I’m just a cookie on a plate
awaiting every cookie’s fate.
Someone bit me! Oh the fear!
Holy smoke, it’s dark in here!
Tooth enamel, sharp and white,
tearing, grinding, left and right.
Saliva swishing all around.
Oh no! I think I’m going down!
This esophagus thing is a very tight space.
It starts in a neck right under a face.
A breathing-squeezing kind of hose
that deep into a stomach goes.
Feel the acid! Feel the burn!
This stomach has begun to churn.
I’m turning to liquid! I’m turning to gas!
Digestion progression is terribly fast!
I’m flowing now in a gooey soup
through small intestine – loop-d-loop!
Now large intestine, ah… at last… 
I’m turning back to solid mass.
But something has begun to smash,
and now I’m falling… falling… SPLASH!
I’m floating in a big white well.
Oh disgusting! What’s that smell?

It’s what our bodies love to do – Turning cookies into poo. 

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Sara at school said...

I feel the same way about paint days. It seems like a good idea, then we get into it and I'm thinking - what was I thinking. Then its over and I'm thinking - wow! That's great!