Friday, August 10, 2012

Can you smell the crayons?

Smell it. It's in the air! School supplies!!!

 I'm making stuff for my classroom, for my junior high teacher sister (who loves my new KPM Doodle Clipart) and printing, printing, laminating, laminating, and creating, creating.

And then on top of that, I'm looking and planning curriculum! I decided to decorate the classroom earlier this year so I can look and prepare. How many times do we just rush to set up our classrooms and rush to plan? I am so guilty of that! I hope to get really really faaaaaaar ahead. So far, so good!

How do people do all of this AND blog? You guys are my hero's!!!! So, I've found some goodies online and made some of my own!

So I am sure everyone is familiar with Beth Newingham? She was such a lifesaver 9 years ago (and still today!) when I started! And of course Ms. Sanchez! This was such a long time ago, but I love going to their sites still!!! Anyway, I always do Beth's Readers choice in my class every year, it's just THIS year I decided to make the sign! LOL, I just usually hand wrote the sign on a sentence strip. But NO MORE! Anyway, you can go to Beth's site for the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down download here.

Okay, I promise to blog soon! I at least have to make a post about all the cool freebies I'm finding! I know there is a blog with all the freebie hookups, but my post will have the freebies I am using in my classroom with pictures!

And anyone ever find something, put it up, then find something that fits even more perfect and debate about changing it?! All that hard work may go to a teacher down my hall! Happy Getting Ready!

School is almost here!!! I can smell the crayons!

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