Monday, February 8, 2016

STAAR Season is in the air!


STAAR season is in the air! I know! So I LOVE for students to work on stations! One size fits few! I've always changed my stations during "STAAR season". For one big reason: so students have ownership over their own learning and closing their academic gaps they have regarding STAAR. The best way to do that is make stations not only geared for specific TEKS (this should already be done) but to make certain that each station meets the specific needs each student will need.

Sound a bit overwhelming? Well, it did to me once, as well! Feel free to download something I use in my classroom during the "STAAR season". We continue doing station work in math, reading and science, but we are MUCH more specific in what we do. Students focus on what they need, record specific skills they work on and NEED to work and I get to work on small group teaching, specific to TEKS students are still struggling on.

Not everyone needs to be a Tier 3 students to need intervention. This is my plan to meet specific needs each student has. If it can help you, Feel free to download!

Happy Teaching!

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