Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Rock I Wake Up Call I TNT


So many reality shows. I usually stay away from the Bachelor and Housewives and Jersey Shore. I just can't go through watching something that makes me angry that people aren't being more responsible, more compassionate and to see so much fighting, being a "player" or a bully on air doesn't bother me. It infuriates me.  I don't know why. I mean, I watch things people may not like either, so who am I to judge? (Good Luck Charlie, Cristela, Chopped, Duck Dynasty, Cake Boss, Agent Carter)

However, there is a new reality show I am completely loving right now. It makes me want to help more people, it inspires me, it challenges me and most of all, it truly makes the world a better place.

Everyone knows the Rock. He always made me laugh in movies (Game Plan, anyone?) and was really great in action films. (Fast and Furious, GI Joe) He's made good movie choices, IMHO. However, I had NO IDEA what a great human being he was. This show, "The Wake Up Call" is about helping people. When NO ONE ELSE can. It's absolutely good tv soul food. (If there is such a thing)

This year, I'm trying to get rid of the garbage and distractions in my life. If I watch TV, how is it helping me be a better person? A better teacher? A better friend, sister, cousin, godmother? I just don't want to waste my time anymore. And that's in all aspects of my life. I'll probably fail. But I can promise you, I'll get right back up.


BTW, shows are good for the soul. That's not a distraction, unless you binge on Netflix or something. ;) And seriously, I don't mind if you watch the Bachelor or Housewives. It's the SHOWS I don't like, not the people who watch them!

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