Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Office + DIY Professional Development


Summer office.

Planning for next year? You are not alone!

I am constantly looking and revamping plans. ALL. THE. TIME. If you are a new teacher and you don't know exactly what you are teaching yet, I would recommend planning on your procedures. I do this EVERY year, regardless of the fact that I've been teaching for over a decade. A well oiled ship is one based on well planned procedures. Not necessarily crime and punishment, but more of consequences of following procedures or not. You'd think it doesn't make a difference in word choice, but actually, it does.

"Teachers play a critical role in arranging the discursive histories from which these children speak. Talk is the central tool of their trade. With it they mediate children's activity and experience, and help them make sense of learning, literacy, life, and themselves." (Choice Words, Peter H. Johnston)

I highly recommend the book, "Choice Words" by Peter H. Johnston. I actually added very specific wording for compliments, as well as constructive criticism for my students, while using this book.

So my suggestion is to head over to Teachers.Net to explore a site run by the Wongs. Don't know the Wongs? Get to know them. They will save you alot of pain and heartache if you are having trouble with procedures or classroom management.

As far as FREE professional development for the summer, read here. 

Until then, Happy Summer!!

P.S. For the new teachers who may stumble on the site, I know the term "procedures" is pretty broad. Look up the book below. I plan everything from how to get a tissue in the classroom, to walking in a line, to lining up to transition. It helps those first days of schools and the rest of the year.

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