Friday, June 27, 2014

Spare Parts: 4 Mexican American students, a NASA competition, and a robot


With immigration surging at the border and so many more students heading into our classrooms this upcoming year, take the time to see each child with dignity. I'm not going to pretend that prejudices and racism don't affect our schools and that teachers are automatically immune from this when a child walks into the classroom.

Think before you speak. Be kind. Speak up. Don't let prejudice and racism go unchallenged. These kids have rights, because they are human beings. That goes for every student, regardless of race, color, belief, etc.

A couple of years ago, I had read the story about the brilliant high school students from Arizona, competing and then defeating the prestigious MIT in a robotics competition. Below is an ABC Nightline story on the kids as well as a trailer for the new upcoming movie. I love these teachers. They gave them an opportunity. They didn't hold them back. What if every child we taught were given the same opportunities? What if we all saw the dignity in each and every student that came through our door?

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