Friday, March 15, 2013

IRA Conference, here I come!!!!


I am SO excited!!!!!

Well, as any good reading teacher will tell you, the IRA conference is the Disneyland for Reading Teachers!!! OMGosh y'all!!!!

My good friend and colleague, Frances Gonzalez-Garcia from Teach a la Carte, will be presenting!!! If you are attending, let me tell you this lady is a genius! So look up her session and be there!

But I am needing to pinch my cheeks! I have been teaching for 9 years and this is my FIRST TIME EVER!!!!! Thank you GOD!!!

Okay, I need to simmer down. I don't want y'all thinking I'm some crazy lady. But y'all.

Y'all! I am going crazy! I'm going to be the crazy lady at this conference jumping up and down like a kid at disneyland!!!!!

This is HUGE! Mo Williems will be there!!! (Pigeon books and Piggie and Elephant books!!!!)

Debbie Diller, Peter Johnston, Fountas & Pinnell!!! And SO MUCH MORE!!!

I am currently working on a new item below! I know. It's a tease, but it's all I got!!! Goodbye Springbreak!! Until next year!!!

Until then, keep it up fellow teachers. Summer is almost here!!

Currently re-reading: What Really Matters in Fluency by Richard L. Allington

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